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 Compiled by Mark Nemeth #45776
Escapees members Jack Barry #65881 and Valerie Mayleben #98522 enjoying an Outland Fire Bowl campfire.

Over the years, I have looked at a lot of different propane-powered fire pits, and I’ve always found them to be lacking in some way. Either the pit was too big, too heavy, too bulky or even too small. And, in most cases, the visual quality of the fire they produced didn’t satisfy my primeval need for a fire that looked “real.” You know, something you could stare into for hours on end. Then I finally met a fire pit I could love at Escapade in Sedalia.

 George and Bev Wickholm #13110 purchased a new fire pit on their way to the rally, and when everyone saw it in operation, they said, “We’ve got to get one of those.” It is the Outland Fire Bowl (www.outlandfirebowl.com), and it really does produce a satisfying fire! It is not very small, but, due to the pumice rocks used in the pit, it is quite light and easy to transport. It comes complete with a regulator and six-foot hose and hooks to any portable propane tank. We used a 20-lb. grill tank. On high, the Fire Bowl produces 58,000 BTU and burns a bit more than one-half gallon of propane an hour. The best part is, the fire looks nice; there’s no smoke to dodge, and the Fire Bowl produces a significant amount of heat, enough to extend your outdoor time when it gets chilly. I purchased mine from amazon.com, but you can also find it at sporting goods stores like Cabelas. Stored in its box, it measures about 19″x19″x12″ and weighs a little over 20 lbs. If you have room for it and like to sit around a campfire, it might be the gadget for you!

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