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Escapees Webinars: Renovating Your RV

Does your RV’s style and function fit you? Would you like to make it more your own? Maybe it’s time for an RV renovation!

Show Notes

An RV makes for a unique home. It’s already filled with furniture and décor from the day you buy it. Sometimes it’s great! Sometimes it’s dated. And sometimes it just isn’t you. Doing your own renovations in your RV isn’t as scary as it sounds.
We brought together a panel of RVers who have all renovated their RVs in different ways. Kitchens, kids’ rooms, and more are all on the table for a refresh from these DIY RVers. Listen as we discuss their renovations, with pictures for inspiration, and to help you get started on your own projects.
Start dreaming about what renovations you can do to your RV to make it feel like home!
Kevin & Emma’s modifications https://xscapers.com/rv-modifications/
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