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Reduce Your Mental Burden

Reduce Your Mental Burden 1

Okay, so I’ve talked before on IO about the mental load that you carry from having a lot of material possessions, and that after downsizing, as painful as the process might be, everyone agrees that they feel freer and lighter.

It turns out, this principle applies to more ephemeral burdens too. We carry a lot of thoughts, beliefs, and responsibilities around that weigh us down, whether we realize it or not. And much of the time, we don’t need to carry them around.

For example, I also have talked quite a bit about productivity, and how good it is to have a to-do list when you’re preparing to become a full-time RVer. Writing down the steps you need to take and getting them out of your head reduces your mental load. You only need to remember that you have a list, you don’t need to remember everything that’s on that list. And that makes the process less overwhelming.

So lets take this one step further.

You’re going full-timing and you’ve told a relative of your plans. They react badly. You carry around their disappointment in your choice, and it reduces your happiness.

Here’s the thing, their disappointment is theirs, not yours. You are only responsible for you. Your plans, your wants, your reactions. You are not responsible for anyone else’s reactions. You know going RVing is the right choice for you. You have a solid plan in place to get it accomplished. Your job is done, let their opinion go and reduce your mental load.

And lastly, a lot of mental burdens are thoughts we have and then cling to as truth. Negative beliefs that we hold onto about ourselves that slowly erode our confidence.

You are not your thoughts. You have good thoughts or bad thoughts based on what happened on a given day, how much sleep you got, your mood, all sorts of different factors. Some of which are in your control, and some of which aren’t.

It’s human nature to focus on the bad, but we’re under no obligation to. When you have thoughts that lift you up, hold onto and encourage them. When you have thoughts that bring you down, send them packing.

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