Must See National Parks

Must See National Parks 1
Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument

From towering mountains to vast deserts, culture & history to sports & recreation, there is incredible diversity within the US National Park system. But which are the truly must-see places?

As RVers, we often have unprecedented opportunities to explore the National Parks, but with so many to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start. If you only think about the 61 National Parks, you’d be forgetting the other 350+ National Park Units – including National Monuments, National Historic Sites, National Lakeshores and many more!

Our Top 5 National Parks

Were often asked to choose our favorite National Park; its a question we really struggle with.

The reality is that almost every park has something unique to offer – some way in which it is our favorite. But when it comes down to it, there are a few National Parks that really stand out for us – these are the ones wed recommend as must seeNational Parks.

Death Valley National Park

Must See National Parks 2
Badwater Basin by Kim Davies on Flickr

Death Valley National Park in California is a truly incredible place – unlike almost anywhere else on Earth. Its a land of extremes. As well as being the hottest and driest place in North America, its also home to the lowest point in North America – 282ft below sea level.

But Death Valley is so much more than the hot, dry desert it first seems to be. Spring rains can turn the parched land into a patchwork of wildflowers – and if conditions are just right, you may be lucky enough to see a super bloom as we did in 2016.

Or perhaps youve heard of the Sailing Stones – rocks that seemingly move of their own accord across Death Valleys Racetrack Playa. Although scientists have now shown the effect is caused by wind and ice, its still a magical place to visit.

If you do visit, be sure to come prepared. Death Valley is huge, spanning over 3.3 million acres! In fact, the rough, washboard road to Racetrack Playa takes several hours to drive. We chose to come back along a trail through the towering peaks – only to be met with several inches of fresh snow. Who would have thought that the first and only time we have used snow chains on our truck would have been in Death Valley!

Channel Islands National Park

Must See National Parks 3

In our increasingly connected world, its growing ever harder to truly disconnect. Even in the National Parks, civilization often doesnt feel too far away.

Not so at Channel Islands National Park off the coast of California. An hour-long ferry journey separates you from the mainland. If you take the opportunity, like we did, to spend a couple of nights camping in a tent, you begin to disconnect and really appreciate the area.

The islands offer so much to do: kayaking around the rugged shoreline, reading a book on the sunny beaches, hiking across the island, or just relaxing and absorbing the beauty all around. But whatever you do, make sure to keep an eye out for the Island Fox – these small foxes are sneaky and always on the lookout for unattended food!

Bryce Canyon National Park

Must See National Parks 4
Looking down on The Hoodoos in Bryce Canyon National Park, UT

Utahs Mighty Five National Parks are all worthy of a visit, and theyre all close enough that a road trip between them is a great option! But Bryce Canyon National Park stands out for its sheer surrealism.

While the large, irregular columns of rocks known as hoodoos are found across the world, Bryce Canyon is home to the largest concentration found anywhere on Earth. Along with its bright red rocks, and colorful cliffs, you can spend hours just sitting and soaking in the view.

If you are up for a little more adventure, then follow one of the trails as it weaves in and out, up and down, through and between the hoodoos. The only way to truly appreciate the magnitude of the rock formations is to stand underneath them and look up at them, towering overhead.

Mesa Verde National Park

Must See National Parks 5

For something a little less active, be sure to check out Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado. As well as being a National Park, its also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, reflecting its critical role in protecting some of the best-preserved Ancestral Puebloan ruins.

Amongst the 5,000 known archaeological sites including 500 cliff dwellings, perhaps the best known is Cliff Palace. Youll need to join one of the excellent Ranger-guided tours to see the sites, but for something you can follow at your own pace, the 6-mile scenic Mesa Top Loop Drive is worth doing. The accompanying guidebook includes numerous stops to see attractions along the way.

Saguaro National Park

Must See National Parks 6
Saguaro National Park by Beau Rogers on Flickr

Split across two regions either side of Tucson in Arizona, Saguaro National Park is home to the iconic cactus of the southwest – the Saguaro. Growing up to 40ft tall and weighing over 4,000lbs, you might be surprised to learn that their roots are only 6 inches beneath the surface.

Tucson Mountain District on the west of Tucson is the smaller of the two regions, but is well worth a visit. Aside from several hikes (short and long) around the cacti, theres a scenic drive with some stunning petroglyphs.

On the east side of town, Rincon Mountain District has many miles of hiking trails, but Id recommend the Cactus Forest Loop Drive. Although most will choose to drive this 8-mile scenic road is it weaves through the cacti, we opted to cycle instead.

Other Favorite National Parks and Monuments

Must See National Parks 7
Diana Cycling on Rim Rock Drive in Colorado National Monument, CO

Of course, our top 5 above are just scratching the surface of whats on offer across the National Parks.

Thanks to their protected status, the National Parks are great places to see some of the nation’s most spectacular wildlife in untouched landscapes. Yellowstone National Park is home to nearly 300 species of birds and 67 species of mammal – including bison, cougars, black bears, grizzly bears, wolves and river otters.

If youre a cyclist, the 33-mile Rim Drive around Crater Lake National Park is one of the most beautiful bike rides – especially if you time it when there aren’t any cars! Alternatively, Colorado National Monuments Rim Rock Drive offers riders canyons and glorious views on its 23-mile hilly route.

While the National Parks are renowned for their natural beauty, many areas are protected for their historical significance too.

Golden Spike National Historic Site in Utah commemorates the site where the Union and Central Pacific Railroads joined their tracks, creating the country’s first Transcontinental Railroad. 

With historical reenactments and beautifully restored trains, history is quite literally brought to life and makes for a great family day out.

Must See National Parks 8
Check the NPS Website to time your visit to see one of the historical reenactments at Golden Spike National Historic Site

We became RVers to explore and learn more about this beautiful country, and the National Parks offer some of the best opportunities to do just that. With so much variety, it’s almost impossible to pick a single favorite, so which are your must-see National Parks?

Must See National Parks 9


Matt Knight | SKP # 142499

Matt Knight hit the road full-time with his partner Diana in their 25 ft Outdoors RV travel trailer. They are on a quest to visit and explore all 400+ National Park Units across the US.

Combining their shared passions for technology and photography, they are meticulously documenting their journey on their Adventurous Way website and YouTube channel. They hope to inspire and educate others to get out and responsibly enjoy the National Parks.

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