We Are Freedom Driven

Wherever your adventures take you, Escapees enables you to enjoy the freedom of the RV lifestyle.

Escapees RV Club has so many great benefits to offer because we have been perfecting our club for 40 years. We know what you need to flourish in this lifestyle, and we’ve brought it all together into a single package – an Escapees membership. Our support services meet your needs. From saving you money to protecting your mail, we can free your mind to focus on the fun of RVing.

Looking for Active and Adventurous RVers that Work Hard and Play Hard?

Xscapers is a lifestyle group of Escapees RV Club geared toward the working-aged RVer. If you are looking for active and adventurous RVers that know how to work hard and play hard, this is the group for you!


Our mission is to provide a total support network for all RVers. To fulfill this mission, we have amassed a variety of services, benefits, and resources, all designed to make your RV lifestyle worry-free, affordable, and, most importantly, fun!


Looking to Connect with Like-Minded People?

Escapees are a special kind of people who share the RV way of life. Escapees hosts a variety of events throughout the year, such as convergences, Escapade and excursions.

RVing the Escapees way gives you a support network that will enrich your travels through companionship with those who understand your values and treasure your friendship.


Over 40 Years of RVing Support and Education

Through publications, discussion forums, seminars, educational programs, and thousands of Escapees mentors, you will learn invaluable information to assist you with your RVing lifestyle.

The Total Support Network for All RVers

Become part of the most fun RV club on the road today!

Escapees RV Club Annual Membership only:


(US$59.95 in Canada and Mexico)

RV Parking

Save 15-50% on over 800 campgrounds across the country.

Mail Forwarding

Receive your mail, no matter where the road takes you!

RVer Job Exchange

Find jobs that fit your mobile lifestyle.

Healthcare Solutions

Products and services with insurance programs negotiated for members.

Roadside Assistance

With our roadside assistance, you’ll never travel alone.

RV Advocacy

Over 35 years of dedication to serving the needs of all RVers.

Partner Discounts

Quickly recover the cost of your membership with these discounts.

Mail Forwarding

Find trusted partners to help you with everything from insurance to technology.

Commercial Members

Hundreds of commercial members offer a wide variety of RV related products and services.

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