Mail Service Rate Changes

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Still the Largest and Most Flexible Mail Service
For RVers at the Best Price!

Escapees RV Club is dedicated to making the Escapees Mail Forwarding Service the best mail-forwarding solution for RV enthusiasts. With it being nearly a decade since our last rate adjustment and the rising costs of doing business, we must adjust our rates effective March 1, 2023. We take pride in continuing to be the most flexible and accommodating option at the most affordable price in the industry. Please review to choose the best option for you and don’t miss the new annual scanning option to save!

Personal Mailbox

You'll have a unique mailing address in Texas, South Dakota or Florida, usable as your legal domicile

Mail Forwarding

We can forward your mail to you wherever your RV takes you, on request or on a schedule you specify


Our in-house staff will review your mail with you by phone

Mail Scanning

An optional service that lets you view your received First Class envelopes and mail contents online

Personalized Sorting

Choose to receive only certain types of mail, or specify only particular senders or items to forward

Online Management

Set forwarding instructions, view your postage balance, and more from your mail service dashboard

Mobile App

Update your mailing instructions, view and manage your mail scans, review mailing/postage history, and more

New Rates

Category A

All Mail Types
$ 110
  • Less than $9.25 per month

Category B

Selected Mail Types
$ 130
  • Less than $11 per month

Category C

Custom Mail Sorting
$ 150
  • Only $12.50 per month


Business Mail Accounts
$ 175
  • Less than $15 per month

Temporary Accounts

Category A Only
  • 2 Months (60 Days) = $40
  • 3 Months (90 Days) = $50
  • 4 Months (120 Days) = $60
  • 6 Months (180 Days) = $70

New mail service accounts require a $50 one-time enrollment fee and a $50 postage deposit.
Packages exceeding 30″ in any dimension will be considered oversized and incur a $5 fee.

New Savings

Annual Mail Scanning

View Your Mail Online
$ 100
  • Save $20 when you sign up for our new annual mail scanning option.

Mail Scanning

View Your Mail Online
$ 10
  • View Envelopes & Content
  • Destroy Mail Online

General Package Storage

  • First 30 Days Free
  • 31-60 Days $5
  • 61 Days+ Charged $10 Every 30 Days

Lock in Current Rates Now!

You can lock in the current rates for the next year when you renew or sign-up by February 28th. Renew from your member mail dashboard or click the button to start the sign-up process.