Escapees Flotillas - April Fools

Introducing Escapees Flotillas!

Escapees Flotillas - April Fools
Ahoy mates, have you always wanted to travel to Hawaii, but don’t want to leave your motorhome behind?
Perhaps you have pets that you don’t want to leave behind while you head off to a tropical paradise?
RVing to Hawaii hasn’t been a possiblity until now!
I am pleased to announce Escapees Flotillas!
Living full-time in an RV allows you to travel all over the country and now you can visit the 50th state by RV, too!
Finally, we have the means for you to take your RV with you.
On the open water, you’ll see sunsets and stars like you’ve never seen before. 
Once you reach the islands, you can live in the comfort of your own home and avoid expensive hotel stays.
Life on the high seas will bring a new dimension to your travels.
Sign up today for the first Escapees Flotilla!

Travel to Hawaii by RV!

Introducing Escapees Flotillas! 1

How do we get there?

We’ve purchased 50 brand new barges that you can drive your RV right onto and use your RV’s engine power to drive yourself to Hawaii. At a blistering top speed of 10 mph, we can make the 2400 mile crossing to Hawaii in just 10 days! Travel in the comfort of your own home with your friends by your side and nothing but open ocean for as far as the eye can see.

RV Boat - April Fools

This won't be a Three Hour Tour

Gilligan's Island

Typical Itinerary


Just $100 to use our Barge for the trip!

Plus fuel costs – Typically $4000-$5000 each way.

Things to be aware of

  • There aren’t a lot of RVs in Hawaii so be prepared for some funny looks.
  • Roads can be narrow and steep.
  • There aren’t many campgrounds that can facilitate large RVs, but you can always stay on your barge.

Who’s ready to be the first to take part in the Escapees Flotilla! 

We’re ready to go if you are. 

April Fools

Happy April 1st everyone. 

Maybe one day they’ll work out a fast and fun way to take your RV to Hawaii!

8 Responses

  1. Herman and Helen’s in the California Delta used to offer this barge service. For real. We used to dream about doing that when we had a 24 foot fifth wheel.

  2. Love it. I used to drive my Vw bug onto a plane in England and drive it off again in Switzerland. I sometimes wonder how much “progress ” we are losing.
    Patricia Smith

  3. When it was still allowed, we boarded (drove our RV) onto a barge with 2 other Escapee couples, in Alabama. Went through locks, up the Tombigbee, into the Ohio and then down the Mississippi! Cannot remember the entire routes, sometimes we tied up along the river, sometimes in a city. What a marvelous adventure. Shortly after, the Coast Guard shut down the company, saying it was not safe as a passenger line. We ended up in New Orleans for a few more days of fun and partying. Anyone else remember this trip??

  4. Ha Ha. I imagined everyone in the desert partying with a bunch of blow up palm trees and pools. Pineapples and drinks on the side.

  5. LOL you had me going there for a min. I thought how awesome till I seen the April fools at the end…………Too funny

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