A Mission To Improve Diversity in RVing

In light of recent events and the struggles our country is currently facing, we, the Escapees Board of Directors, feel it is important to share not only our acknowledgment of the situation but also our support to end inequality. At the same time, we feel it is important to share this message as a reminder of the values of this organization and to offer our support.

Freedom is a powerful word. Whether whispered or shouted it evokes deep emotion. We will defend it with our lives and cling to it desperately when it becomes jeopardized. Freedom is the most important principle that binds us together as a Club.

It comes as no surprise that we feel restricted by the lack of freedom as we defend ourselves against COVID-19. As if that were not enough, we are confronted with an even more divisive epidemic—that of inequality. 

Scientists around the world are working together to find a vaccine for Covid-19. We, the people, must work together to end racism. 

Since its inception, the Escapees RV Club’s most revered principle centers on equality. We’ve taken great pride in the fact that we are an inclusive organization that welcomes people from all walks of life, regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, or political affiliation. It is not always easy to stand up for what is right; but, if we don’t, we tarnish everything that our club and our country have been built upon.

We will get through this time of turmoil. One day soon we will dance and sing and hopefully hug again! Let’s pledge to be even more united than ever before.

Escapees Board of Directors


“Collectively, Escapees Inc., is a proud experiment in banning together for the common good of all, for the sharing of knowledge and friendship, and for the dedication to the principle that we all have the right to be different. That is what gives Escapees distinction. That is what sets us apart. And what makes us special is the willingness to share what we have learned so that those who wish to do so will have the chance to enjoy what you and I enjoy. For those who do not know how, for those who do not even know such a possibility exists, we must lead the way.”

– Kay Peterson | Co-Founder 

A Continuous Work In Progress

An objective to recognize, understand, and establish a proactive mission for positive change.

Action Item



1A - Establish Advisory Council

We intend to form an Advisory Council for the purpose of providing advice and recommendations to the Escapees Board of Directors with the underlying goal of providing services and creating experiences that welcome a diverse population to outdoor recreation, particularly the RV community. As such, Escapees will seek to populate the council with members of the RVing community from diverse races, genders, ethnicities, ages, personalities, sexual orientations, physical abilities, religious beliefs, marital status, appearances, income levels/net worth, military experience, work styles, recreational habits, parental status, political beliefs, educational experiences, and special skills or training.

We will set achievable, but aspirational, goals for the Advisory Council. These goals will be expressed in terms of measurable results, when practical, and may be specific to a project or task. At times, the goal of the council may be to merely discuss a topic, to provide Escapees leadership with a new, different perspective—the conversation would be the goal in and of itself.

1B - Diversity in Our Content

We will endeavor to expand the diversity of both the subject matter of content shared by the Escapees RV Club and the diversity among the authors creating that content. This endeavor will include the Escapees magazine, blogs, social media, presenters, printed material, advertising, imagery, etc.

Our content will not only promote diversity through images in marketing campaigns but also by continuing to share experiences and knowledge from members of all backgrounds. We will attempt to achieve this by highlighting member stories in member profiles and specific articles directly related to minorities and RVing. Such articles will be authored by either those with actual experience, or who have direct expertise on the topic.

Action Item



2A - Partnerships

We will research and create meaningful relationships and/or partnerships with other organizations that support minority communities in RVing. Several organizations are already moving the needle of diversity when it comes to RVing and the outdoor industry. Connecting with these groups and incorporating their voices may help strengthen the message that all RVers are welcome in the Escapees RV Club and accelerate all RVers connections to the outdoors.  This kind of synergy creates a more welcoming atmosphere and encourages others to join in while also dispelling stereotypes within those communities.

2B - Sponsorships

Escapees will look to participate in sponsorships that contain a direct impact or effect, in addition to the other types of sponsorships in which we currently engage. For example, we will seek out sponsor opportunities that apply to a specific purpose such as an “event” that reaches a target market or directly creates a new RVing experience that would otherwise be unavailable to underrepresented groups in our community.

Action Item



3A - Everyone's Responsibility

Escapees was built upon being inclusive, not exclusive. Our Caring and Sharing philosophy is a founding principle and our pillar of guidance for ourselves, members, and staff.

Per the updated Escapees Code of Conduct, discrimination is not acceptable and will not be tolerated. This includes discrimination based on sex, race, color, nationality, ethnic or national origin, ancestry, citizenship, religion or belief, age, physical or mental disability, medical condition, sexual orientation, veteran status, marital status, genetic information, or characteristics. Violations to this code of conduct are grounds for suspension or termination.

3B - Putting in the Work

Escapees will seek opportunities to co-host and/or collaborate with events and organizations related to the outdoor industry. For example, Escapees participation could be to provide personnel, logistics, and equipment support for an event hosted by another group.

To start, simply showing up to participate with other attendees could go a long way to create a more welcoming and friendly connection with the Escapees RV Club brand, and by extension, the RVing Industry. Eventually, this could lead to more involvement, and larger roles in general, beyond being just “participants.”

3C - Link RVing with Urban Areas

While the outdoors is defined as being anywhere outside of a building, thoughts related to RVing often lead to grand journeys to big-ticket national and state parks. Escapees and the RVing industry may be able to create innovative events that could be held in smaller urban areas to create more diverse connections and introduce younger demographics to the concept of RVing.

An example of this could be to develop, or participate in, volunteer program/initiatives that encourage members to donate time, expertise, or resources to support local groups where they are. The Boys & Girls Club and Habitat for Humanity, for example, in combination with showcasing RVs and the lifestyle.