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How to Fix Squeaky RV Slideout and Stuck Windows

3 in 1 RV Care

Some may say full-time RVers get excited about the simplest things; good water pressure, a level site, sunny days when boondocking…but lubricants?

Yeah, I was stoked when the folks at 3-in-One offered to send us a couple cans of their new RVcare Slide-out Silicon Lube and Window Track Dry Lube.

Why? I’ll try anything to quiet the screech of our squeaky slide-out!

Rust and road debris can cause squeaky slide-out gears and rails.

You’ve all heard it before. You get settled into your site and get to work—or sit outside to enjoy the peace and quiet—when the neighbor shows up and, screeeeeeeech. Squeal, slam!!!

Squeaking and squealing from slide-outs, and sticking windows can ruin the calm of any campsite. Consistent use and exposure to the elements lead to wear and tear on moving parts that can make them sound awful and wear faster.

3 in 1 RV Care Slide Out Lubricant

3-in-One RVcare Slide-Out Lube

Regular maintenance and keeping components clean and lubricated can help reduce the annoying noises many of us full-timers get used to. It can also prevent dirty looks from your RV park neighbors, and help prolong the life of moving parts.

How to Stop Noisy RV Slide-out Squeaking 

  • Fully extend slide-out.
  • Remove any rust or chipping paint from tracks with wire brush.
  • Thoroughly clean off all dirt and debris from rails.
  • Spray 3-in-One Slide-out lubricant on rails, tracks and gears.
  • Extend and retract slide-out a couple times

I’ve been meaning to clean and lubricate our rear stabilizer jacks for quite a while now, so the arrival of the RVcare products was perfect timing. After using a wire brush to remove the grime built-up on the manual crack shafts, I applied the slide-out lubricant and ran the jacks up and down.  

Clean and lube jacks with 3 in 1 RV Care

Clean and lube jacks with 3-in-One RV Care.

I did notice much less of a screech after applying the 3-in-One, and it is much easier to operate the jacks. The real test will be to see how long it lasts, and if the application will help prevent accumulation of dirt and rust as promised. I am confident it will, since 3-in-One lubricating oil has been around like forever—since 1894—and is WD-40 company. And every RVer loves WD-40.

3 in 1 RV Care Window Track Dry Lube

Applying 3-in-One RV Care Window Track Dry Lube

How to Fix Sticking RV Windows

I was more excited to try the 3-in-One Window Track Lube. A few of our windows have always been very difficult to slide. I’ve tried using bar soap and another silicon lubricant. But honestly, I noticed an immediate improvement after cleaning the window tracks and applying a coat of the 3-in-One window track lube.

Both 3-in-One RVcare Products are safe to use on metal, rubber, vinyl and most plastic surfaces. They dry quickly and do not leave mess.Really though, I was quite impressed with their “smart straw” nozzles that spray two ways without having to attach the little red tube that always tends to get lost. Flip it up for a precision stream to get into those hard-to-reach places, or flip it back down for a wider spray to cover larger areas.

One more plus: The can still sprays pretty well when nearly inverted—ideal when working on those squeaky slide rails under the rig!

3 in 1 RV Care Lubricants

3 in 1 RVcare Lubricants by WD40

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