Get a Work Agreement For Every Job You Accept

Work Agreements

Once you have sent your resume, aced the interview and accepted the position, make sure your next step is to get everything in writing! When I say get it in writing, I don’t mean a paper trail of email, although in a pinch this would work as well. I’m talking about a well-detailed work agreement that clearly lays out what is expected of you in your agreed upon position, what the hourly wage will be, how many hours, if any, will be required to pay for your site, among other things that are super important. You should have this document signed and in hand before raising your jacks to drive off!

Work agreements are not contracts, but they do serve as a common agreement between the employer and the Workamper on what was actually agreed upon. Sometimes you are hired months in advance, and even if that’s not the case, sometimes people flat out forget all the details. Then it’s simply the employer’s word against yours and you might not feel comfortable approaching them about the differences once you’ve already arrived.

What to Include in Workamper Work Agreements

  • Employment start and end date, including how much time before and after employment you will be allowed to occupy the site.
  • What type of RV site is provided for your use? FHU? W/E (water and electric)? Is the site included or do you have to pay for it? Can you pay in hours worked? If so how many per week/per person?
  • Your position and the duties it requires. Don’t assume that reservations won’t include cleaning toilets… make sure you know ahead of time, what is required in the position you’ve chosen to accept.
  • Will you be paid hourly? Is there a monthly stipend? Will the value of your RV site be reported on your W-2? Will a 1099 be issued? Is there a completion bonus? What is the overtime policy?
  • What are the benefits other than monetary compensation that the employer is offering you? Wi-Fi? Propane? Golf cart? Free amenity usage? Onsite meals? Is there an employee discount? Does it apply to visiting family members and friends?

Special Arrangements? If you’ve spoken with the employer specifically about a special arrangement like preset schedules or dates that you must have off, you will want to make sure these items are detailed in full on your work agreement as well!

In a perfect world, the employer would openly and graciously offer such an agreement to each and every Workamper they hired, but this world is far from perfect and that just doesn’t happen! Some employers will be beyond prepared and have theirs sent over the moment you complete the interview, others will have you jump through virtual hoops to acquire one. You’ll have to be persistent.

You will likely encounter both types of employers, although I hope you have far less of the latter. Make sure you do your due diligence in securing one for each position, and if you are unable- you’ll have to decide if it’s worth your time and trouble to make the trip without it.

Check out this sample Work Agreement for a clear picture of what you should get from each and every employer!


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