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By Marcella Gauthier #12371

Full-time RVing and Grilling on the Road

From the Bookshelf 1

Take Risks: One Couple’s Journey to Quit Their Jobs and Hit the Open Road
Joe Russo #126844 • 2017 • ISBN: 978-1549900563 Kindle: $5.99 • Paperback: $14.99

Joe and Kait Russo #126844 are an amazing couple who quit their jobs in 2015 and hit the road, in a class-A motorhome. This book is written in a personable, first-person narrative that details their decision. It is not a “how to” book on the technical aspects of buying and maintaining an RV, but more of a “this is what we did” story. You share in their thoughts, concerns, failures and successes as they make the transition from jobs and house, to the freedom of a moving home.

This book covers their first year or so, as they divest themselves of their previous lives and concerns. As time goes by, we discover that they realize they have more space than necessary, and that they have to take the motorhome and toad everywhere they go. So, they elect to downsize again, this time to a camper-van. It’s quite a change, but, as they say, “We don’t live in the van; we live outside the van.”

You can visit Joe’s and Kait’s blog at Their professional quality YouTube videos will keep you mesmerized, and you will get lost in the delightful blog and website. Their adventure is accompanied by their husky dog, Leo, and they provide beautiful travelogues of their stops. From the fierce heat of the Mojave Desert, to the coolness of camping along the Pacific Ocean, this change is made possible with only one day’s travel. Their website is full of valuable information and shows the professionalism of the Russos.

From the Bookshelf 2

Winter Grilling
Tom Heinzle • Whitecap Books 2014 • ISBN: 978-1770502499 Hardcover: $19.95

This best-selling grilling book by the Austrian grilling master, Tom Heinzle, features grilling recipes with an emphasis on wild game meats and fish, and side dishes of winter vegetables. He also offers tips and techniques on winter outdoor grilling. This book features his fusion of traditional and inventive culinary approaches, using rubs and marinades he created. The stunning photos in the book are a perfect feature that make you want to fire up your grill.
From the Bookshelf 3

On The Road with the Cooking Ladies: Let’s Get Grilling
Phyllis Hinz and Lamont Mackay • Whitecap Books 2017 • ISBN: 978-1770502970 • Paperback: $29.95

For more than nine years, Phyllis and Lamont have traveled full-time in their 40-foot motorhome, sampling and collecting recipes, especially those suitable for the RV cooking constraints. As former restaurant owners, food columnists and recipe consultants, they have already written two other books, Recipes from the Road and The Cooking Ladies Favorite Happy Hour Recipes. Beautiful mouthwatering photos of the finished dishes share space with the stories of locations and charming people they met while gathering the recipes during their culinary adventures. This isn’t just a cookbook, but rather homage to the fantastic variety of beautiful locations and cooking treasures from all across North America.

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