Xscapers Gather for Eclipse Fun

Total Solar Eclipse Draws RVers of All Kinds
Xscapers gather in Oregon for eclipse fun
LIVINGSTON, Texas- August 2017

It is estimated that more than 14 million people will set aside two and a half minutes on August 21 to view the total solar eclipse. Xscapers, a lifestyle group within the Escapees RV Club, will be among them.

From August 17-22, approximately 90 members of Xscapers will come together in Madras, Oregon to experience the historic solar eclipse. Organized by full-time RVers David and Cheryl Goldstein, along with Marc and Julie Bennett, this convergence is guaranteed to be a memorable one.

“Xscapers is all about seeking out adventures and exciting experiences with like-minded RVers,” says David Goldstein, one of the convergence’s organizers. “And we couldn’t think of any event more exciting than the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see a total solar eclipse from the United States! It just made sense to us to organize a convergence around it. As amazing as the eclipse will be, we are also really looking forward to enjoying five days with a large group of our RVing friends.”

This convergence will coincide with Oregon SolarFest, a festival organized in partnership with NASA. SolarFest combines music, science, art and camping, which make it a great fit for RVers. The RV lifestyle gives Xscapers the freedom to arrive in the area well ahead of anticipated traffic and to stay through and even beyond the mass exodus, though hotels and airline tickets along the eclipse’s path have been, in many cases, sold out for months! But having a home on wheels has other advantages as well, including comfortable beds, fully stocked kitchens, ample water supply and clean, private bathrooms. RVers have much more flexibility with travel plans and at a substantially lower cost than many area hotels.

In addition to the festival’s events, the convergence organizers have a full schedule planned for attendees throughout the five days of the convergence. There will be campfires, potlucks and an RV open house, as well as an informal seminar about the eclipse with Valerie Coffey, a science and technology writer.

Since Xscapers generally have the freedom to arrive in the area and stay late, it makes for a less stressful and more memorable experience. It is this flexibility and freedom that brings together RVers all over the country.

For more information about Xscapers and their future convergences, along with great tips for working while on the road and for connecting with fellow digital nomads, visit www.xscapers.com.

About Escapees RV Club and Xscapers

Since 1978, Escapees has been a leader in supporting those who pursue the RVing lifestyle. The club was founded by full-time RVers, Joe and Kay Peterson, at a time when there was no support group for full-timers. Today, the club continues to grow and transform itself according to the needs of its members, supporting them through benefits and educational and social opportunities.

Xscapers, created in 2015, brings Escapees back to its roots. Just as Joe and Kay Peterson traveled and worked full-time, Xscapers is comprised of solo travelers and families who choose to explore the continent by RV before retirement.