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Lekander releases new edition of The RVer’s Ultimate Survival Guide

LIVINGSTON, Texas- June 2016

Neil K. Lekander has updated his must-have book in the 2nd edition of The RVer’s Ultimate Survival Guide. Divided into nine books, this guide shares insightful information and advice about a variety of subjects relevant to the RVing lifestyle. Users will learn about load management, towing, propane safety, driving techniques, personal safety, and more. It is a great reference guide for those times when you need help, but are away from cell or internet service, making a Google search quite difficult.

Lekandar is a graduate engineer and served in that capacity for a large U.S. tire manufacturer for 32 years. Neil and his wife, Pat, have been active RVers for more than 42 years. For more than 15 of that, they have lived full-time in their RV while traveling the country, presenting lectures on the subject of RV safety.

Lekander’s guide is available exclusively through Escapees RV Club. To purchase a copy, visit escapees.com/store.

The RVer's Ultimate Survival Guide 1

Neil Lekander releases 2nd edition of The RVer’s Ultimate Survival Guide.