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Annual RV Rally Offers RV Education Opportunities 1

Annual RV Rally Offers RV Education Opportunities

Escapees RV Club’s 58th Escapade rally to include boot camp, seminars and more

SEDALIA, Missouri- March 2018

The Escapees RV Club will host Escapade, the club’s annual rally, at the Missouri State Fairgrounds in Sedalia, Missouri. The five-day event, May 27 – June 1, 2018, focuses on the RV way of life with an extensive line-up of educational workshops and lifestyle presentations for the RV enthusiast.  As Escapees RV Club approaches its 40th anniversary, Escapade will also be a celebration of the members who have helped the club continue to support the RVing lifestyle through benefits, education and community building.

Prior to the official kick-off of Escapade, attendees are invited to sign up for RVers Boot Camp, a three-day schedule of educational seminars and peer-to-peer learning opportunities focused on the safe operation and maintenance of RVs. In addition to Boot Camp, Geeks on Tour will present a 2-day workshop on smartphone photography and Google photos. Camp Reboot, as it is called, also takes place in the days leading up to Escapade, offering early arrivals the opportunity to get the most out of their smartphone during Escapade’s many activities.

All Escapade attendees are encouraged to attend a variety of informational and educational seminars as part of the event. Current topics range from technical instruction to lifestyle tips, such as information on solar, lithium batteries and LED lighting, and sessions focused on hobbies, pet care, choosing the right RV and more. With nearly 80 different sessions throughout the week, there is something to interest every attendee.

One of the best parts of Escapade is the opportunity for socialization with like-minded friends. When large groups of RVers come together, the peer-to-peer conversation and information-sharing is inevitable. Some of the most useful learning happens around camp fires and happy hours, where RVers are relaxing as they swap embarrassing horror stories and cheer-inducing successes.

Join one of the most engaging and fun celebrations of RV life by visiting https://escapees.com/community/national-rally/.

Annual RV Rally Offers RV Education Opportunities 2

Jim Guld of Geeks on Tour addresses a crowd of Escapade attendees as part of their Camp Reboot program.

Annual RV Rally Offers RV Education Opportunities 3

Numerous attendees listen attentively to a presentation during an Escapade seminar.