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The three 2023 Alaska Hangouts are no longer available as a bundle, but sites are still available for each Hangout through the individual event pages:

This Hangout is currently sold out, but join the waiting list and we’ll let you know if a spot opens up!

The Escapees RV Club is offering three Alaska Hangouts–in Fairbanks, Seward, and Valdez–in 2023. Because we anticipate that many members who are planning to spend the summer in Alaska will want to attend all three Hangouts, we will initially sell them as a three-event bundle. If any spots remain available after that, we will offer them for each Hangout individually.

This information page describes how the bundle sale will work. After reading it (especially the cancellation policy), please read the individual event pages for full details on each Hangout before registering for the bundle.

(We are not organizing a traveling caravan either to or from Alaska or between these three Hangouts. Participants will be responsible for transporting their own RVs. Participants who want to travel with companions will be able to make those arrangements themselves through our private 2023 Alaska Hangouts Facebook group.)

Registering for the three-Hangout bundle

Sales for the Alaska Hangout Bundle will begin on Wednesday, January 11, 2023 at 10:00 am CST.

This initial sale will only be for the three Alaska Hangouts as a bundle. Tickets for the individual Hangouts will not be available at this time. 

Bundle purchasers will complete a single registration for the three-Hangout bundle, and will pay for all three Hangouts in a single transaction. 

The price for the bundle will be the sum of the applicable prices for the three Hangouts. In other words, there is neither an upcharge nor a discount for purchasing the bundle.

There will be a maximum of 29 bundle registrations available.

Special cancellation policies apply to bundle registrations!

You may be required to cancel the entire bundle, and significant cancellation
fees may apply. Please register for the bundle ONLY if you
actually plan to attend all three Hangouts.

Please be sure to read the “Cancellations and travel insurance
section below before registering.

Registering for individual Alaska Hangouts

Bundle sales will end on Wednesday, January 25 at 10:00 am CST.

If any of the 29 bundle registration spots remain unsold at that time the remaining sites for each Hangout will be sold individually beginning on Friday, January 27 at the following times:

  • Midnight Sun Hangout (Fairbanks) sales will begin at 10:00 am CST
  • Glaciers & Fjords Hangout (Seward) will begin at 10:30 am CST
  • Gold Rush Hangout (Valdez) sales will begin at 11:00 am CST

The opening times are staggered to allow you to register for more than one Hangout if you wish.

Cancellations & travel insurance

Should you need to cancel your bundle registration, call Escapees Event Registration at ‭(936) 329-6499‬ between 8 am and 4 pm Central Time, Monday through Friday, or email registration@escapees.com. 

Cancellation on or before April 21, 2023

If we receive your cancellation on or before April 21, 2023, your entire registration (all three Hangouts) will be canceled, and you will receive a refund of your entire payment minus a $150 cancellation fee.

You must cancel the entire bundle–you may not cancel your registration for only one or two of the Hangouts.  (For this reason, please register for the bundle ONLY if you actually plan to attend all three Hangouts.) If you still wish to attend some but not all of the Alaska Hangouts after canceling the bundle, you can then re-register for the ones you want if space is available; otherwise, you can join the waiting list for those Hangouts. 

Cancellation on or after April 22, 2023

If we receive your cancellation on or after April 22, 2023, you may cancel any or all of the Alaska Hangouts that you will not be able to attend. In this case, you will receive a partial refund, calculated according to the cancellation policy for each Hangout as if you had canceled it on that date, but with a minimum cancellation fee of $300.

We strongly recommend that you purchase travel insurance after registering to protect your investment in the Hangout if you must cancel due to unexpected illness, death, or certain other contingencies. Travel insurance can also help to cover medical and trip interruption expenses for emergencies that occur during the Hangout. Pre-existing medical conditions are waived as long as you purchased your insurance within 15 days after your Hangout registration fee payment. Get a personalized online travel insurance quote now.

Price & registration

Bundle price (Fairbanks, Seward & Valdez Hangouts)

  • RV site, 2 people $3,597

    Includes a total of 21 nights camping and all included activities for all three Hangouts. All sites have full hookups. Sites in Fairbanks and Seward are a mix of 30A and 50A electrical service; please indicate your preference during registration and we will do our best to accommodate you. All sites in Valdez have 50A service.

  • Deduct for only 1 person -$685
  • Each additional person (including children) $897

    For more than 2 people in same rig. NOTE: if you will have an extra person in your RV for only one or two of the Hangouts, register for 2 people when you buy your bundle, then call Escapees Event Registration on or after Monday, January 30 to add the extra person to those Hangout(s).

You must be an Escapees RV Club member to attend this event. If you are not currently a member, you will be able to add a new membership during the registration process.

  • You are physically capable of participating in the event.
  • Your recreational vehicle, other vehicles, and any other equipment you may use to participate in the event will be in working condition.
  • You will observe all applicable laws (including obtaining relevant licenses) and event rules, and will conduct yourself in a safe and prudent manner while participating in the event. 
  • That although volunteers may be directing and assisting you to your parking area, it is the driver of the vehicle who is ultimately responsible for avoiding obstacles or dangerous situations and is solely responsible for any damage to your property or the property of others.
  • You accept and assume all risks arising from participation in the event, and waive and release all claims against Escapees or its affiliates relating to such participation. 
  • You consent to receive medical treatment deemed necessary if you are injured or require medical attention during your participation in the event, and agree that you are solely responsible for all related costs.
  • You grant your permission to be filmed, videotaped, audio taped or photographed, and grant to Escapees full use thereof without compensation.
  • You will receive occasional email notifications of future Escapees events; however, you can opt-out of these notifications at any time.

The above is only a summary. Please carefully read the full the terms and conditions, assumption of risk, and waiver of claims agreement that will be provided to you during the registration process.

How to register for the Alaska Hangouts Bundle

Waiting list

If the Alaska Hangout Bundle is sold out when you try to register, please join the waiting list by completing the form below or on the event web page for any of the individual Hangouts. All of the Alaska Hangouts share the same waiting list, so you need to join the waiting list only once.

When you join the waiting list, you will be able to indicate which of the three Hangouts (any or all of them) you would like to attend. There are usually several cancellations before each Hangout
so if a spot opens up and you’re the next one on the waiting list, you’ll get another shot at registration. 

Until April 21, 2023, canceled spots will be offered first to members on the waiting list who want to purchase all three Hangouts as a bundle. If you purchase the bundle on or before April 21, 2023, the bundle cancellation policy will apply.

After April 21, 2023 (or before that date, if there are no members left on the waiting list who want to purchase all three Hangouts), each Hangout will be offered to members on the waiting list who are interested in that Hangout in the order they joined the waiting list. In this case, each individual Hangout’s cancellation policy will apply.

(Note: please don’t join the waiting list unless and until the bundle sells out. Entries received before that time will be ignored.)


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