Escapees RV Club Acquires RV to Freedom 1

Escapees RV Club Acquires RV to Freedom
Club for RVers to Expand Educational Offerings with New Acquisition

Livingston, TX- October 2019

Escapees RV Club has announced the acquisition of all RV to Freedom properties including its popular course Roadmap to Full-Time RVing. This course leads the customer from the dreaming stage to becoming a full or part-time RVer. It also includes the RV to Freedom Facebook group with over 39,000 members. Over the coming months, Escapees plans to bring RV to Freedom under the Escapees umbrella and expand its own resources with those created by RVTF.

“We know the Roadmap to Full-Time RVing course will be a perfect complement to the other courses currently offered in RVers Online University. Escapees RV Club and RV to Freedom are both dedicated to educating and supporting RVers making this a perfect fit,” explained Escapees RV Club CEO Shawn Loring. “We plan to continue hosting the Facebook group helping to make RV knowledge accessible for everyone and adapt and expand our resources.”

The founders of RV to Freedom, Kerensa Durr and Brandon Hatcher, joined Escapees RV Club as Director of Marketing and Brand Director, respectively, earlier this year and will help oversee the incorporation of RV to Freedom into Escapees. Kerensa Durr stated, “we have a stake in and affinity for both companies and their members. We knew Escapees was the best home for RV to Freedom and we’re happy that we’ll still be involved.”

About Escapees RV Club

Since 1978, Escapees has been a leader in supporting those who pursue the RVing lifestyle. The club was founded by full-time RVers, Joe and Kay Peterson, at a time when there was no support group for full-timers. Today, the club continues to grow and transform itself according to the needs of its members, supporting them through benefits and educational and social opportunities. Learn more about what is available to Escapees RV Club members at