RVer Job Exchange aims to help digital nomads find income while they travel

LIVINGSTON, Texas- April 2021



Escapees Relaunches a Full-scale Job Board for the RVing Community 1

Escapees RV Club recently unveiled the new design and functionality of their RVer-focused job board, the RVer Job Exchange (RVJE). Since the creation of Xscapers, a community within Escapees RV Club catering to the working-age RVer, in 2015, Escapees continues to expand its resources for working nomads.

This newest iteration of the website, which is open to the public, showcases a full-scale job- and resume-listing platform. With a mission to connect employers with a diverse group of skilled workers in a variety of fields, the RVer Job Exchange is open to all who are interested in bringing the creative problem-solving, quick-thinking, and adventurous skills and talents of RVers to their teams. And for a limited time, employers can get free access to their premium package for one year.

With a new generation of freedom seekers sweeping across the nation in record numbers, these working RVers not only bring their skills and talents but also their understanding of the RVing lifestyle and passion that goes along with it.“Unfortunately, many business and organizations, specifically the RV industry, continue to miss this opportunity and are not considering the unique advantages RVers bring to the table.” said Travis Carr, President of Escapees RV Club and Xscapers Co-Founder.

For those in the RV lifestyle, the idea of working on the road most likely leads to the thought of jobs that relate to the traditional definition of work camping, or “workamping”, used in reference to the outdoor hospitality industry such as campgrounds, as well as state and national parks. Carr emphasizes that “while work camping in this traditional sense is still a viable option to supplement the RV lifestyle and one of the major audiences of the new RVer Job Exchange, it’s time we move beyond this limited thinking.”

A major focus for Escapees RV Club and the new RVJE is to educate and connect businesses and individuals with RVers in other job sectors, such as advertising, computer/IT, consulting, creative design, editorial, entertainment, marketing, sales, and web services to name a few examples. Melanie Carr, Vice President of Escapees RV Club and Co-founder of Xscapers, notes that “It’s not uncommon to see a campground website that needs updating, a fellow entrepreneur looking for logo design help, or a part-time RVer searching for a house sitter to fill in during their own travels. Who better to provide these solutions than RVers who understand the lifestyle and the nuances of the RV marketplace?”

In addition to featuring a wide range of industries, RVJE also allows employers and individuals to hire for any job type from full-time, part-time, temporary, freelance, one-time gigs, and even volunteer projects. RVJE also provides several tools such as a comprehensive profile builder, job manager, application tracking, featured listings, messaging, favorites, alerts, email notifications, templates, reviews, and more. “In addition to its many new features, we have made several improvements in functionality and have grown resources focused on the advantages and realities of working remotely for employers as well as employees,” said Sharee Collier, the RVer Job Exchange Project Manager.

For a limited time, RVJE is offering a free one-year premium package for employers interested in accessing the pool of working RVers available on RVJE. This package is valued at $99 and provides unlimited job postings, unlimited candidate/resume views, the ability to feature listings, and more.

To learn more about the RVer Job Exchange and this limited-time offer, visit https://rverjobexchange.com/hire-rvers/.


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