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Escapees Club News 10/31/2017


Fellow RVers,

Once again it is health insurance Open Enrollment time! This year, you will need to act fast in most states because the Federal Marketplace Open Enrollment is shortened to only 6 weeks (November 1 to December 15) for 2018 ACA enrollments. Some states have extended these dates, so check with your individual state if it operates its own marketplace outside of Healthcare.gov. So, what exactly is Open Enrollment (OE) for? The purpose of the annual OE is to allow individuals, families, and groups to re-shop ACA health insurance plans for the upcoming year. You do not have to change your plan (your existing ACA plan will automatically re-enroll) unless your plan is discontinuing coverage in 2018; but I recommend shopping plans anyway to see if you have the best plan you can get. Plans change, networks change, and rates change. Do yourself a favor and hop on over to the 2018 Guide to Health Plan Options for RVers at RVer Insurance Exchange and see what’s new for 2018. 

In the 2018 Guide we cover the following topics and more:

Updated information about 2018 ACA changes Answers to how President Trump’s healthcare Executive Orders could affect you 5 Health Plan Options for RVers in 2018 including, A NEW nationwide plan option available in all 50 states (see option #2) A NEW Concierge Service from RVer Insurance Exchange to get VIP help with choosing a plan All the enrollment links and instructions you need for all plans OE does not apply to everyone. It only applies to those that are seeking health insurance through the ACA Marketplace. If you are receiving your healthcare protection through another option such as our AlieraCare, Portia’s US HEALTH plan, or a Short Term Medical plan, then you do not need to make changes during this OE unless you want to get into an ACA plan for 2018. If you are on Medicare, the OE does not apply to you. Instead, you have your own Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) that runs from October 15 to December 7 during which time you can change your Medicare Advantage (MA) plan and/or Medicare Part D (PDP) prescription plan. Do you have a Medicare supplement plan (as an RVer this is more ideal than a MA plan)? If so, then the AEP only applies to your PDP plan—not your Medicare Supplement plan. You can actually apply to change your Medicare Supplement plan any time of the year! Let us help you with that right here

Safe and happy travels and thank you for your support of the RVer Insurance Exchange and Escapees RV Club! You can head on over to the 2018 Guide by clicking here

Kyle Henson SKP #109093
RVer Insurance Exchange


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