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Escapade: Escapees RV Club’s Annual National Rally

Escapade: Escapees RV Club's Annual National Rally 1

Every year, RVers come from near and far to gather at Escapade, an annual rally hosted by Escapees RV Club. Those who are new to RVing, and even wannabees, know they’ve come to the right place to help them gain confidence and get off to a great start in the lifestyle.

Attendees return year after year to regroup with old friends and enjoy the sense of community they know they’ll find there. Escapade attracts RVers from all walks of life; full-time RVers, snowbirds, weekend warriors and occasional travelers. All types of RVs are welcome at Escapade. We’re all inclusive; motorhomes, fifth wheels, travel trailers, truck-top campers and even the occasional tent or two can be found. The love of travel and the freedom of being on the road creates the common bond.

Escapade has grown into an international event, drawing the attention of folks not only from the US, but Canada and other nations as well. It wasn’t always that way. Escapade got its humble start in 1979 when 24 families attended the gathering in Bakersfield, CA. The need to assemble for fun, comradery and the shared love of RVing is what brought them together. As the Escapees RV Club grew, Escapade grew to meet the needs of its attendees. It now features nationally known speakers, first-rate educational seminars, professional entertainment, an exceptional RV marketplace, our ever-popular Boot Camp and much more. The event takes place over five days. Even though education is the focus, when asked, the friendships made, and experiences shared are the biggest reason touted for people returning year after year. As the saying goes “once you go, you get it”. This certainly rings true at Escapade.

Education At Escapade

Escapade: Escapees RV Club's Annual National Rally 2

With nearly 80 educational seminars and workshops, there’s no shortage of presentations to keep attendees busy throughout their time at Escapade.

Presentation topics include things like operating your RV safely, ideas about volunteering for work camping jobs, finding ways to get the most out of your RV travels, discovering low cost and free parking options, and some seminars that are just for fun!

Attendees also learn from the seasoned RVers, those who’ve got a few miles under their tires. These folks love sharing their experiences, both good and bad, to help educate others, (and maybe keep them from making the same mistakes while starting out). 

A typical day at Escapade begins early, with coffee and donuts served each morning. Early risers know they’ll be served with a smile and greeted by fellow early birds. Pull up a chair and join the conversation before heading to your first seminar of the day.

Seminars begin at 8:30 sharp and continue all day until 4:00. Keep an eye on your schedule, as seminars are usually spread across multiple rooms and halls. The marketplace is also in full swing during this time, for those looking for something else to do. Vendors are on-hand to introduce you to the latest products and services the industry has to offer.

Community At Escapade

Escapade: Escapees RV Club's Annual National Rally 3

The ROW is open during this time, too, providing a sampling of Escapees chapters, BOF groups, and co-op parks.

Here, you will meet friendly Escapees members ready to welcome you to the Club and connect you with fellow RVers. Many of our chapters and BOFs host their own events throughout the year, offering more ways to get involved in the community. Stop by and see if there is one, or several, you’d like to join!

Right after seminars end and the market closes, it’s time for afternoon socials and happy hours to begin. There are always several to choose from, and each one is an open invitation to all attendees. These informal gatherings are a great way to unwind and get acquainted with your new Escapees friends.

Grab your favorite drink and snack then take a stroll through the campgrounds to find a gathering that appeals to you. You will also see some socials listed in the program, and even more listed in the event app and in our Facebook group.

Evenings At Escapade

Escapade: Escapees RV Club's Annual National Rally 4

Evenings are busy too, with announcements, door prize drawings and exciting nightly entertainment.  Every year we strive to bring performers that are relevant, leaders in their industry, highly entertaining, and just plain fun!

Past Escapades have featured the famed illusionist Reza, Celtic rock band The American Rogues, and Redhead Express, a family of talented musicians and vocalists who have performed all over the world.

For those who still have the energy, there are often low-key gatherings that spring up throughout the campgrounds after evening entertainment has finished, too!

RVers Of All Ages

Escapade: Escapees RV Club's Annual National Rally 5

Attendees at Escapade range in age from 2 to 92.

Our children’s program, Kidscapade is now in its fifth year. Children enjoy learning topics pertaining to the RV lifestyle while parents and grandparents take in some seminars.

We love seeing the our youngest RVers spending quality time together in a fun, safe environment. Kids also get involved in Escapade’s Got Talent, our annual talent show for attendees, as well as help us pass out door prizes each evening.

A portion of the campground is always set aside for families, giving the kids more of an opportunity for friendships to grow and bonds to be forged.

Year over year, Xscapers make up a larger percentage of Escapade attendees. Launched at Escapade in 2015, this lifestyle group of working-aged Escapees members has grown both in presence and involvement at Escapade. From hosting happy hours to leading seminars, Xscapers bring their energy and knowledge to each event!

60th Escapade Is Coming!

Escapade: Escapees RV Club's Annual National Rally 6

Throughout the years, Escapade has been held in various locations across the US, from as far west as California, to as far east as Vermont and many places in between.

In June 2020, the 60th Escapade will take place in Rock Springs, WY. This will be a new location for Escapade and the residents of Rock Springs are very excited to host the event.

With Wyoming being cowboy country, it just seems natural that Escapade will take on a bit of a western theme. We’ll be featuring a Native American Dance group, in full regalia and offering authentic Native flute lessons as a bonus.  Few Miles South will entertain us with classic and not-so classic country music. This up-and-coming musical group is already winning awards and is bound to get some toes tapping and maybe a few folks singing along.

A few years ago, we introduced a street festival for our last night together at Escapade. The event was so popular that it’s become an annual event, with food trucks and live music. This year will be no exception. After their busy week at Escapade, the Farewell Festival will again be a welcome change of pace and a fun way to spend our last evening together.

The Escapees community is strong and there’s no better way to experience it than at an Escapade. The 60th Escapade will take place June 21-26, 2020 in Rock Springs, WY. Registration is open now.

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Escapade: Escapees RV Club's Annual National Rally 7

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