If you’re new to RVing, or are maybe new to full-time travel in your RV, you likely have lots of questions about what makes SmartWeigh an important service for RVers. Below are the most common questions we receive about this program. If you find you still have unanswered questions, use the form at the bottom of the page to let us know!

Frequently asked questions

Certified scales are legal for trade, like weighing fruit at the store or over-the-road trucks for DOT road limits. Certification does not, in itself, improve accuracy, it only serves to provide independent government oversight of trade-by-weight operations. Certification is a costly and difficult thing to maintain, and since SmartWeigh is not dealing with a “for trade” situation, we don’t spend that money needlessly. We do annually test and calibrate our scales, and we field test them to manufacturer’s specs several times during the year , so you will receive accurate weights, just not certified weights.

Once you have been weighed, you will receive a weight information sheet that includes your individual wheel weights. Using the tire manufacturer’s Load / Inflation chart for your tire model number and size, you can determine the correct inflation pressure for the load the tire is carrying. You’ll find some helpful links for this below.

How To Read Load/Inflation Charts

B.F. GoodrichTires
Bridgestone Tires 
Cooper Light Truck Tires 
Continental Commercial Tires
Continental Truck Tires
Firestone Tires 
Goodyear Tires 
Maxxis ST Tires

Michelin RV tires
Michelin Truck Tire 
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Yokohama Tires

When weighing a towable, typically the truck is run through first without the trailer, then the trailer is hitched and the whole package is weighed again. That way, you get not only the tongue weight, but also the changes in weight distribution on the truck when you hitch up.

Currently, we are unable to offer weighing on a “will-call” basis. In other words, you can’t just drive up anytime and get weighed. The weighing staff and equipment will only be available for the events and/or permanent weigh site operating times and dates listed on the Event Calendar page. In the future, we hope to be able to offer more weighing opportunities at more locations. Please be patient as we develop the program and expand it.

We recommend that you weigh with a full fresh water tank because many RVers will have the need to travel that way at least occasionally, like when going into a boondocking event or gathering. It is best to know what that tank full of water does to your weight distribution, so if you need to carry it, you know you can. However, it is only a recommendation, not a requirement, so you are free to set your RV up any way you like before you come to the scale.