Escapees Webinars: Protecting Your Investment

We welcome Jeff Shelton, owner and CEO of Wholesale Warranties, an Endorsed Vendor of Escapees RV Club. Jeff has spent decades in the outdoor industry, and for the past ten years, has worked with Wholesale Warranties to provide fully insured service contracts direct to RV consumers. In this webinar, he shares his knowledge of manufacturer and extended warranties, as well as different ways RVers can manage RV repair costs. During our live Q&A, we cover questions such as how regular maintenance affects warranty coverage, what most policies do and don’t cover, the important of RV inspections and more.

Show Notes

Do you have questions we didn’t answer here? Send questions to info @ wholesalewarranties.com or give Jeff and his team a call at 800- 939 -2806.
Several websites and resources were mentioned during our interview:

Wholesale Warranties

Online directory of RV repair facilities

Escapees RV Club discussion forum

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This webinar was recorded as a live broadcast on 09/14/2017