Escapees Webinars: Making the Transition

Marc and Julie began traveling full-time in 2014, covering 49 states so far in their class A motorhome. Our conversation focused on how they made the transition from full-time careers in a ‘sticks-n-bricks’ home to making a living once they were RVing full-time.

Show Notes

Several websites and resources were mentioned during our interview

RV Love blog

RV Love YouTube

RV Mobile Internet Resource Center

Tax tips for working RVers

Marc and Julie are also co-founders of RV Success School, a series of enjoyable, in-depth, step-by-step video training courses that help wannabe/newbie RVers fast track their learning with everything they need to know to choose the right RV for them and make sound decisions to ensure they hit the road successfully. Their courses include workbooks and coach people through the entire RV shopping and lifestyle journey, with invaluable resources to save them time, money and help avoid costly mistakes.

For more detailed information on domicile, RV maintenance and operation, and RV safety, consider RVers Online University.

This webinar was recorded as a live broadcast on 07/13/2017