Escapees Webinars: RV Safety

Join us for a chat with Jim Koca, Escapees RV Club’s Safety and Education Director.  As a retired police officer and police academy director with over 40 years of service, Jim possesses a wealth of knowledge about personal and auto safety. During his career, he specialized in collision reconstruction, investigating the causes and consequences of vehicle collisions. This has given him a unique perspective on vehicle safety, enabling him to train officers across the country. He also shares this information with RVers through numerous columns and programs, including RVers’ Boot Camp and RVers Online University, both of which are operated by Escapees RV Club.

Show Notes

Escapees Webinars is an educational program dedicated to connecting RVers and sharing their experiences! This week, we sat down with Jim Koca, the Safety and Education Director for Escapees RV Club. Jim brings more than 40 years of experience in RV and vehicle safety to Escapees, sharing his vast knowledge with RVers through RVers’ Boot Camp, RVers Online University, SmartWeigh and much more. In today’s interview, Jim and Georgianne discussed tire safety tips and products for RVers, proactive measures to prevent RV driving accidents and a little bit of everything else, from RVing bucket lists to the four things you should test in every RV before you buy.

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Several websites and resources were mentioned during our interview:

RVers’ Boot Camp

RVers Online University


Centramatic Wheel Balancers

Tire Load/Inflation Charts

Online directory of RV repair facilities

Escapees RV Club discussion forum

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This webinar was recorded as a live broadcast on 10/20/2017.

Thanks to feedback from dedicated viewers, we took down the original recording and completed further edits. In this version, you’ll find a few diagrams to further illustrate Jim’s comments and explanations.