Escapees Webinars: Making It Work

The Making It Happen webinar series focused on helping new and soon-to-be RVers get ready for the life of adventure ahead of them. Georgianne sat down with Camille Attel of More Than A Wheelin’ to learn more about remote work opportunities for digital nomads and the wide variety of ways RVers can earn income while on the road. 

Show Notes

Today, Georgianne sat down with Camille Attell, blogger at More Than A Wheelin’ (https://www.morethanawheelin.com/) and entrepreneur. Camille has taken her expertise as a corporate trainer and turned it into a source of endless encouragement and assistance for those looking for remote work while traveling full-time.

In this webinar, Camille covers multiple points, including the wide variety of remote positions available, options for short-term employment and how to find those jobs, tools for finding opportunities that align with your current experience and skills, and more. Since our live broadcast, Camille has launched her online course, Remote Work School. Check it out at https://remote-work-school.teachable….

Do you have questions we didn’t answer here? Contact Camille at https://www.morethanawheelin.com/cont….

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This webinar was recorded as a live broadcast on 02/28/2018.


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