Escapees Webinars: Changes in RV Insurance

There have been many changes in the RV insurance industry recently. Some carriers went out of business, others picked up their policies, and some have stopped covering full-time RVers or certain kinds of rigs. Courtney Wooge, president of FCIS, discusses these changes in depth, including recommendations for those affected by these changes. He also helps full-timers understand the intricacies of RV insurance policies and notes what areas to look for when searching for a policy that best suits their unique needs. 

Show Notes

For this webinar, we spoke with Courtney Wooge, second generation president of FCIS. Courtney, and FCIS, is one of the few specialists when it comes to insuring your RV. Following in his father’s footsteps, Courtney continues to advocate for the needs of RVers, using his position to encourage insurance carriers to expand their coverage in appropriate areas in order to more thoroughly serve the RVing community. We begin this webinar with an update on the various mergers, acquisitions and other changes in RV insurance carriers that have occurred in the last year. Courtney explains how these changes affect the consumer, and what options are still available. Additionally, Courtney discusses, in depth, the gaps in coverage full-time RVers should know about and how to plan for them.

Do you have questions we didn’t answer here? Contact FCIS by phone at 800-331-1520 or online at https://www.fcisinsurance.com/.

This webinar was recorded as a live broadcast on 04/10/2018.


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