Crappy RV or Boat Mattress?? Tips for a Great Night’s Sleep!

Our RV and our boat are our homes, where we lay our heads down to sleep every night. But so many come with, shall we say, crappy mattresses. Meant more for weekend excursions than everyday living. But you don’t have to put up with it.  There’s nothing that says you have to sacrifice a good night’s sleep for a mobile lifestyle. After all, we selected mobile nomadic homes as our form of travel so we could travel with our beds. So, what can you do? Video Version We hosted a YouTube Live event over the weekend presenting on this topic. We’ve edited the video down to just under 30 minutes (as opposed to the over 1 hour long archive) that goes into detail on this topic, including sharing our own personal mattress journey. The Challenge: Odd Bed Sizes The difficulty with replacing your mattress, is that so many RVs and

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