Frequently Asked Questions

Escapees Roadside Assistance

This list is compiled from 50+ questions asked by live attendees of our recent interview of Ed Thor, Manager of RV Services for SafeRide Motor Club. SafeRide is the servicing company for Escapees Roadside Assistance.

Q: How do I file a claim? Once a claim is filed, is there a procedure for follow-up?

A: To start a claim, call SafeRide (phone number will be on your membership information). Once the claim has been opened and a service provider is en route, you’ll receive an automated follow-up call from SafeRide. This call is to confirm that the provider has arrived, or contacted you directly to confirm an arrival window.

Q: You say there is no cap on claims made per year. How do you keep members from abusing this?

A: Rarely do we have to reach out to a member about excessive uses or abuse of the program. When those situations do occur, it is because SafeRide has provided assistance with the same issue numerous times over a short period. Repetitive jump starts or flat tire replacements, for example, in a matter of a few months indicate there is a more significant service issue that has gone unaddressed by the owner. In these situations, we reach out to the policyholder to encourage them to get the issue addressed before a more serious problem occurs.

Q: Is there a limit to the number of miles you will tow my vehicle or RV?

A: No, there is no limit. We will tow your vehicle or RV to the nearest qualified repair center. If the nearest qualified repair center is 10, 75, 150 miles away, then we will tow your vehicle or RV there for no additional fee to you. If we tow you to a facility of SafeRide’s choosing, and later find they cannot accommodate your needs, we will tow you to the next qualified repair center who can, also at no additional charge.

Q: What happens if I break down on a Friday afternoon?

A: If you have an unfortunate incident on a Friday or holiday, for example, and cannot be seen until Monday, we will tow you to an RV park near the qualified repair center. On Monday, we will pick you up and tow you to the repair center at no additional cost.

Q: How do you handle warranty services on RVs such as Airstreams?

A: When we know we’re dealing with a warranty issue, we will make every effort to get your RV to an authorized repair center in order to preserve your warranty.

Q: If I need to use your Trip Interruption service, how do you determine where ‘home’ is for a full-time RVer? What if I am not 100 miles or more away when I break down?

A: To utilize Trip Interruption, you must be at least 100 miles from home. For full-time RVers, ‘home’ can be a moving target, but in most cases, will be based off of your domicile address.

Q: I see that winching is limited to 100 feet off a maintained road. Why?

A: The phrase “maintained road” can be misleading. At SafeRide, “maintained road” means an asphalt, concrete or grated road. This includes “improved” BLM roads, campground roads and driveways, and other similarly constructed roadways. This does not include areas that are truly off-road, such as remote BLM parking, pastures, beaches, etc. The reason for the limit on distance is safety of the tow truck and driver. Many cables used for winching are approximately 125 ft in length, several feet of which are used for safely connecting the truck to the disabled vehicle. The truck has to be on sturdy ground in order to safely pull the rig or vehicle, so the 100’ limit is to ensure that the driver and tow truck are able to do their job safely, which also results in the disabled vehicle or RV likely sustaining little to no additional damage.