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Escapees RV Club Member Benefits 2

A Total Support Network For All RVers

Whether you are a weekender, snowbird, part-time, or full-time RVer living on the road, Escapees RV Club Member Benefits are here to support you. We help with everything needed to make RVing easier, more affordable, safer, and–most important of all–fun! Your membership makes you part of an over 40 year legacy of RVers helping RVers. By becoming a member you will gain access to the best and most supportive RV community on the road while helping to advocate for future generations of RVers. 

All Escapees RV Club Members Receive These Valuable Benefits

Not a Member? Join or Renew Today for just *$49.95!

*$49.95 for US members. $59.95 for Canada and Mexico members.

Your Membership Gives You Access To All The Escapees Community Events

Events held throughout the year bring the Escapees RV Club community together. Escapees members receive discounted pricing to public events as well as access to members-only events. Since our first event in 1978 we have proven that becoming part of the community is the best way to have a happy and successful RV life. 

Not a Member? Join or Renew Today for just *$49.95!

*$49.95 for US members. $59.95 for Canada and Mexico members.

Escapees RV Club is with you on your journey!

Know that while you are on your RV journey, Escapees RV Club will be there to support you through in-person and online events, educational opportunities, services for your lifestyle, and even when you need help getting off the road. We’ll continue to fight for your rights to RV and enjoy this lifestyle.

Escapees CARE

Rest, Recover, and Recuperate in a one of a kind assisted living center designed for RVers.

Escapees CARE Center is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit (tax-exempt) corporation formed in 1992 and is under the guidance of a volunteer board of directors. It is located in Livingston, TX, and its mission is to provide a safe haven with professional assistance at affordable prices for members whose travels are permanently ended because of age or temporarily interrupted because of health problems.

Enhance Your Membership With These Exclusive Offers

Not a Member? Join or Renew Today for just *$49.95!

*$49.95 for US members. $59.95 for Canada and Mexico members.

Escapees Member Discounts

Escapees RV Club members enjoy exclusive discounts from our partners, as well as discounts from hundreds of commercial members and RV parks. Escapees RV Club Members can gain access to these discounts and programs through their Member Dashboard. 

Texas Domicile Services From Our Commercial Partners

Escapees RV Club and local Texas Commercial Partners have created a collaborative network of professionals with the goal to provide you with solutions for all your critical domicile-related services and Texas-based needs. Together, we are here to support you and your lifestyle.

Escapees Commercial Members

Escapees Commercial members provide RV related services and products to Escapees RV Club members. Many commercial members offer discounts to club members as well. 

The Escapees Commercial Member Directory is constantly updated to support all our members as well as add value to your membership.

Discount Parks Directory

The Escapees Discount Parks Directory contains hundreds of parks across the country that offer 15-50% discounts for Escapees members. Members can access the directory through their Member Dashboard.

Not a Member? Join or Renew Today for just *$49.95!

*$49.95 for US members. $59.95 for Canada and Mexico members.

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RV Foundations - Operation, Safety, and Maintenance

We will walk you through the operation, safety, and maintenance of your RV with expert instructor and long-time RVer, Jim Koca. Take the mystery out of your RV systems and gain peace of mind.