BrightIdea Vision

Affordable vision coverage. Guaranteed issue for members 18 and older. No waiting periods.

Lens Options

Progressive Lenses
The member is responsible for the difference between the Covered Allowance and the Progressive Lens charge.

Additional Lens Options
• Photochromatic: g:ass/plastic: pays up to $30
• Scratch Resist Coating: pays up to $15
• Anti-Reflective Coating: pays up to $25
• Ultraviolet Coating: pays up to $16
• Progressive Lenses: pays up to $89.50
• Polycarbonate Lenses: pays up to $85
• Tints: Pink & Rose: covered in full


$10 EXAMS – $25 EYE GLASSES (Lenses or Frames)

Lenses (per pair) Coverage
Single Vision; Bi-focal; Tri-focal; Lenticular: 100% Progressive: See Lens Options

Contact Lenses
Elective: Up to $150
Medically necessary: 100% covered

Frequencies (months)
Exam/Lens/Frams: 12/12/24 *based on date of service

Additional Features

Contact Lens Elective
Allowance includes fitting, exam, and lenses. The cost of the fitting and evaluation is deducted from the cost of the contact lens allowance. Allowance can be applied to disposables. Applies when contacts are chosen in lieu of glasses. Members can order contacts online at MESVisionOptics.com and apply their benefits at checkout.

Additional Glasses
20% off the retail price on additional pairs of prescription glasses (at Discount Program Provider Locations).

Frame Discount
20% off the remaining balance in excess of the frame allowance of $150 biannually (at Discount Program Provider Locations).

Laser Vision Care
An average discount of 15% on LASIK and PRK. MESVision Members can save $800 on LASIK with LasikPlus. Plus an additional 5% discount to patients who receive Custom or Wavelight bladeless treatment with Premium LasikPlus. For more information please visit www.LasikPlus.com/MES or Call 1-855-433-2020.
To find a Participating Provider near you, please visit MESVision.com and click on Search for a Provider or call 800-877-6321

Member Rates

Member plus Spouse
Member plus Children

$12.00 per Month

$23.00 per Month

$20.00 per Month

$27.00 per Month

*Includes $2.00 Association Fee

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