Our mission is to provide a total support network for all RVers. To fulfill this mission, we have amassed a variety of services, benefits, and resources, all designed to make your RV lifestyle worry-free, affordable, and, most importantly, fun!

RV Parking

Escapees parking system provides the most comprehensive parking resource in the RV industry!
Escapees members benefit from over 800 commercial RV parks that offer a 15 to 50 percent discount. Benefits also include an online mapping tool, complete with reviews, directions and contact information and 18 Escapees parks with a choice of short- and long-term stays. Our Escapees parking system will fit your budget and your lifestyle.
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Mail Forwarding Service

Next, the Escapees Mail Forwarding Service enables you to receive mail, no matter where the road takes you.
Escapees receives and holds your mail (including packages, certified, and registered mail) for you. When you’re ready to have your mail forwarded, just call, email, or send us instructions online with where you want us to send it.
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RVer Job Exchange

Our services aren’t just about saving you money. We want to help you earn it, with jobs that meet your needs.
The RVer Job Exchange matches job opportunities with traveling workers who want full or part-time work.
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Community is the heart of Escapees. We offer many differnet types of events so that you can find your community on the road.
These events range from white glove, fully planned experiences to our national rally with a large focus on education to smaller informal events where you can spend more time getting to know your fellow RVer.
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Roadside Assistance

Furthermore, with Escapees Roadside Assistance, you never travel alone. Available for all vehicles and RVs.
To be there in your time of need, Escapees has partnered with Saferide Motor Club to bring you the Escapees Roadside Assistance program (ERA). Available in the US and Canada, for as little as $99/year.
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RV Advocacy

Most noteworthy, with over 35 years of dedication to serving the needs of all RVers through our advocacy program.
Escapees has earned a reputation for being a leading advocate for RVers’ rights. We fought to uphold full-time RVers’ right to vote and defeated unfair RV-specific taxes. Additionally, we protected overnight parking rights and stood up to city, county, state, and federal regulations that threatened our personal freedoms.
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Partner Discounts

You can quickly cover the cost of your dues by taking advantage of these savings!
Alongside parking discounts, we have partnered with several industry leaders to offer ways to save you money on some of the best products and services out there.
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Endorsed Vendors

Additionally, sometimes the best way to offer the highest quality service is by partnering with other leading service providers.
Escapees has developed close relationships with associations and service providers who have proved to be the best in their fields. Services that come with our highest recommendations display the “proudly endorsed by Escapees RV Club” logo.
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Commercial Members

Hundreds of Commercial Members offer a wide variety of valuable RV-related products and services.
Commercial members are businesses that have chosen to support the Club and its individual members by becoming members themselves.You can easily connect with our Commercial Members through our Commercial Member Directory.
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