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This is a page is for those who wish to learn how to become a supporter of the Boondocking Policy and the guidelines in which the policy may be used. 


The Escapees RVers Boondocking Policy and the supported text is copyrighted by Escapees, Inc. The Escapees RVers Boondocking Policy must always be referred to as “RVers Boondocking Policy.”

Private corporations, businesses, websites, blogs, or individuals may directly use the RVers Boondocking Policy to promote the policy, but are not permitted to use the document in a manner that suggests that the corporation, business, website, or blog is a partner. The RVers Boondocking Policy may be used to explain the proper etiquette of utilizing public lands for educational purposes.  Corporations, businesses, websites, and other entities must become official policy supporters by request in order to have their logo appear on the RVers Boondocking Policy.

The RVers Boondocking Policy must appear unedited and in its entirety. This includes the Escapees Logo, supporter logos, policy text, and format. Portions of the policy may be used for educational purposes, as long as the full policy is associated and accessible. Linking directly to the RVers Boondocking Policy on the Escapees website is recommended as is verifying the accuracy of the information with Escapees RV Club.



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