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Escapees Webinars

Escapees Webinars brings the advice and experiences of RVers to a larger audience. With broadcasts covering a wide range of topics, there is something for everyone. Nearly every live broadcast is recorded, edited and uploaded to our website and YouTube channel. Browse our archive below to view our past broadcasts! 

RV Maintenance & Safety

RV Safety
with Jim Koca of Escapees Safety & Education Director

5 Tips for Safer Driving
with George Mayleben of RV Driving School

Improve Your RV Fridge Efficiency
with Paul Unmack, inventor of the ARP Control


Choosing Your RV
w/Kerensa and Brandon of RV to Freedom

Changes in RV Insurance
with Courtney Wooge of FCIS

Protecting Your Investment
with Jeff Shelton of Wholesale Warranties

7 Things To Know About RV Insurance
with Courtney Wooge of FCIS

The Future of RVing
with Ashis Bhattacharya of Winnebago

Renovating Your RV
a roundtable discussion with fellow RVers

RV Life

Making the Transition: From Full-time Work to Full-time Travel
with RV Love

Small-scale Solo RVing
with Mandy Lea

Unclutter & Organize Your RV
with Donna Smallin Kuper

Downsizing for RV Living
with Brandon Hatcher & Kerensa Durr

RV Travel

Apps for RVers
with Melanie Carr

Boondocking: Finding Free Parking on Public Land
with Marianne Edwards of Boondocker’s Welcome

with Nina Fussing

RVing in Mexico
with Courtney Wooge, Nicole Linebaugh, and David Goldstein

Health & Wellness

Work/Life Balance: Managing Travel & Work
with Travis & Melanie Carr

RVing with Dogs
with Juliet Whitfield

Full-timing Families
with Kimberly Travaglino

Healthcare Options for Pre-Medicare RVers
with David Goldstein

Staying Healthy While RVing
with Christine Willers

Income & Legal Tips

Tax Planning for RVers
with Tim Ewing, CPA

Earning a Remote Income
with Camille Attell

Making the Connection
with Chris and Cherie of Mobile Internet Resource Center

Multi-State Income
with Tim Ewing

Stay Connected: Mobile Internet Tips for Working Remotely
with Mobile Internet Resource Center

Making Memories & Income
with Bill Trinkle of Trinkle Photography

Tools for an Organized Digital Workspace
with Dani Schnakenberg

Renting Out Your RV
with Mike McNaught of RVezy.com

The Future of Remote Work
with Camille Attell