Another Cool Use for Zus – Great for RVers

In the madness that is Quartzsite this time of year, we recently attended the Xscapers Bash. We only parked about 800 feet away from the main gathering point, but with hundreds of RVs gathered in such a small area, we had a hard time finding our way back home in the dark after roaming around for a while crashing campfires.


On the outskirts of the Xscapers Bash.

So the next time we headed out, I plugged the Zus smart car charger into a DC outlet in our trailer. What does a USB charger have to do with finding our way home? Read my original Zus USB Charger and Smart Car Finder review for complete details about this nifty gadget.

;tldr The Zus smart car charger and app helps you find your way home when camped among numerous RVs – or out on a run in the desert – and monitors house battery health while boondocking.

Zus USB Charger

Zus Smart USB Charger and Car Finder

I hadn’t used the Zus in a while, so I was surprised to notice all the new features in the app. But the Car Finder feature sure comes in handy for finding your RV among many others…not to mention your truck in a crowded parking lot. Once paired with the iPhone, the Zus app will tell you exactly which direction to go.

Zus Car Finder

Find your way home with Zus!

Having Zus along with me was also very reassuring while out on an early morning run in the desert. Trails around Quartzsite tend to quickly disappear on the rocky terrain if you like getting lost like I do. Launch the app, and Zus will instantly tell you which way is home, and just how far away you are.

Another Cool Use for Zus – Great for RVers 1

New Zus Accessories and Features

I noticed the Zus app had additional features, so I checked out the Zus Amazon Store and discovered various new Zus accessories from Nonda. They now offer a Zus Smart Tire Safety Monitor system* that allows you too monitor tire pressure and temperature right from your Zus dashboard in the app. There is also now a Zus Backup camera and ZUS Smart Vehicle Health Monitor you can connect to your vehicle ODB port for complete engine diagnostics.

*Read my recent review of our new Tire-SafeGuard TPMS.

Zus Battery Health

Zus monitors battery health while boondocking!

Without any of these new gadgets, I discovered that my Zus smart charger now monitors battery health and tracks mileage within the app. The app even tracked average battery voltage while boondocking for a few weeks on solar power. And the mileage feature lets you log miles for home and business use with full IRS compliance.

And you thought USB chargers were just for charging your mobile devices…which the Zus Smart Car Charger does 2.4 times faster than conventional adapters thanks to Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 Technology!


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