Anchoring Out vs RV Boondocking – Similarities and Differences

As boating newbies with over a decade of RVing experience, we’re soaking up the new adventure and learning. In our upcoming travelogues, we’ll be sharing about our latest extended run at anchoring out as we cruised down through the Everglades. Anchoring out is the boating equivalent of RV boondocking – or being off-grid and self contained. Not in a campground or marina. For more on boondocking, check out our Guide to RV Boondocking for lots of information on energy, tanks, finding locations and more. We still consider ourselves just dipping our toes into anchoring. But we’ve taken some notes to share while it’s fresh on our minds. Recently we hosted a live video cast followed by an engaging Q&A (super fun.. thanks to those who joined in!). Here’s the 1.5 hr long archive and/or read below for a written summary: Similarities: Free Both anchoring out and boondocking tend to be free –

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