A Message From The Board | September/October 2017

By Shawn Loring #76442
Escapees CEO, and the Escapees Board of Directors

We, at Escapees RV Club, pride ourselves on being a “total support network” for all RVers. These are more than just words. It is a calling. When you need products or services, we strive to meet those needs. Therefore, in our 39-year tradition of providing the resources you need to remain in the RV lifestyle, we are extremely proud to make the following announcements:

Domicile Course—Now Available on RVOU
Domicile is loosely defined as where you intend to permanently return, even after temporary absences. Simple, right? As any experienced full-time RVer will tell, domicile is conceptually simple but it takes preparation to establish and diligence to maintain. While a person can legally domicile in a county and state, and travel away from that location, the discussion about how to travel and maintain a domicile is personal and nuanced. To complicate the matter, there is a lot of misinformation on the Internet from unqualified sources, muddying an already complex topic.

So, Escapees RV Club is proud to announce the addition of attorney Susie Adam’s (of Loring & Associates, PLLC) domicile course to RVers Online University (RVOU.) This course focuses on how to determine which state is the appropriate one for you to choose as your domicile. Once you have selected your state of choice, Susie will review the basics of establishing your domicile, in private consultations, free of charge.

Escapees Healthcare Solutions
A serious problem slowly evolved affecting many in our community. Health insurance companies systematically stopped offering PPO plans to individual participants. In the wake of this problem, the lack of PPO plans left many RVers without an Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliant healthcare option that would provide coverage across state lines—until now!

We are excited to announce Escapees Healthcare Solutions, which offers (amongst many other products) a plan that is compliant with the ACA. Indemnity plans are not the same as major medical insurance, such as a PPO. However, they will provide individuals and families with minimal essential coverage that includes vaccinations, wellness services and preventive care, alleviating the ACA-imposed penalty. While this is the best solution we could find for this problem, indemnity plans may not be appropriate for everyone. We strongly encourage you to work with the agents at Friesen Strain to find the right solution for you. Visit escapees.com/support/healthcare for more information.

Plans include:
• WellMEC
• Axis Healthcare Assist
• MyHealthPass
• Plus vision and dental

A Helping Hand
Escapees RV Club remains politically neutral—choosing not to endorse one party or politician over another. However, did you know that if you need help with Social Security, Medicare or other federal agencies, you can solicit help from the offices of your US Senators and Congressman?

For those of you who domicile in Livingston, Texas, you are in US Congressional District 36, with US Congressman Brian Babin. Recently, representatives from his office visited Rainbow’s End Escapees Park for a constituency day. They helped Escapees members resolve issues they were having with various federal government agencies. While they could not guarantee results, they did listen to the personal concerns of our members in private consultations and promised a follow-up on those issues.

Regardless of your political views, remember that your elected officials are a resource you can call upon when you need help in navigating the various departments of the government.

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