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A Message from the Board: Our Pursuit of Excellence

A Message from the Board: Our Pursuit of Excellence 1

We stand at the opening of 2019, our 41st year as a club, ready and able to take on grand plans and continue to be a total support network for all RVers. We are guided by a simple maxim:

Excellent member experience.

As we continue to grow Escapees RV Club, and maintain our core values, we will focus on our websites, online tools, events, club benefits and customer service, and above all else, community.

There is a lot to unpack in that statement.

This club has always been about you, the member, and the realization of your dreams. Your experiences with us, and each other, or simply living the lifestyle in general, are our primary concern. Of course, we have the greatest measure of influence over your experiences with the club and we have the greatest responsibility to ensure those experiences are excellent.

Our Escapees RV Club family continues to grow.

Each month, many new people join our ranks and each new member gives us an opportunity to explain how we are a values-driven organization.

We look out for each other. We are inherently inclusive and live by the simple tenant “caring and sharing.” As the Board of Directors, we have an additional self-imposed mandate that we are honest in everything we do.

The nexus of our vision and our values is the services we offer.

And, in real terms, we develop members’ benefits in response to your wants and needs. Through the feedback you send us directly, and in the conversations taking place in our forums and on social media, we try to keep a finger on the pulse of the community. We take the information we learn, how and why you RV, to provide you the best experiences we can.

In this coming year, we will take steps to improve how you interact with one-another, and with us.

We know there is magic in a good ole campfire conversation. So, we are working hard to host more events, giving you the opportunity to visit old friends and make new ones, in new and varied ways.

We are undertaking grand plans to expand our park system to provide you with more opportunities to stay at campgrounds.

We’ll also continue to pursue partnerships with vendors whose goods or services will help improve your RVing experience.

However, excellence is not exclusively found in grand plans.

It is most commonly found in the small endeavors. 

So, we will continue to provide you with excellent customer service, something we take extremely serious, so please do not be bashful. Let us know where we
can improve by sending us an e-mail to clubbusiness@escapees.com or by calling our customer service team at 936-327-8873.

But, also let us know what we are doing well. Your personal experiences matter. Sharing them helps us be excellent.

Most importantly, we will strive to support you as a community, and to facilitate more interactions between you and your fellow RVers. Our hope is that Escapees chapters and BoF groups will continue to provide you with opportunities to meet other RVers who share a special interest, or who hail from the same part of the U.S. or Canada.

So, as we (Escapees RV Club) stand on the precipice of our fifth decade as a club, our “New Year’s Resolution,” of sorts, is to pursue excellence in all things big and small, with a mind towards your experience.

And, let’s all agree to treat each other well and look-out for each other. Caring and sharing and inclusivity are values that should be more than mere words on a page. They should be the heart of our shared experiences. And, if we all treat each other well, they will be.

2 Responses

  1. Having been an Escapee’s member for the past three years and having been a full time RV’er for those three years I have found Escapees to be an excellent resource for RV’ers. In our planned travels it has not worked out to attend Escapee Rallies nor to attend Escapee special functions. With that said I feel like a member of an organization but not a member of a community of experienced RV’ers. I read much information coming out of Escapees but it appears to be directed primarily to those new to RVing.
    In this past year I have the opportunity to work at the Escapee’s CARE Center for a month. It was a most rewarding experience to assist RV’ers who were too old to stay on the road and CARE provided excellent assisted care at a most affordable pricing. I learned about CARE and volunteering there while traveling and speaking with other Escapee members who had volunteered in the past. I can’t remember reading any posting over the past year about CARE and how wonderful volunteering can be helping making the whole program function in an affordable manner. CARE is where I really felt being part of community of RV’ers.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words (and works)!
      I’m sorry you felt under-served by our educational resources. Yes, many are targeting new RVers and helping to resolve some of the anxieties and concerns that come with being a new RVer, but we also have quite a bit of content from, and for, more experienced RVers. Do you receive Escapees magazine? Our editor works hard to ensure there is a good mix of information in each issue. There are also quite a few articles in our blogs on both Escapees.com and Xscapers.com that are meant for all RVers, regardless of experience level.
      We do promote CARE throughout the year with blog and social media posts, and each issue of Escapees magazine includes an article about CARE, but I will work with our community manager to see if we can work more posts into our social media content.
      I appreciate your feedback!
      Marketing Director

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