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A Message From The Board | November/December 2017

By Shawn Loring #76442
Escapees CEO, and the Escapees Board of Directors

2017: A Year in Review
This past year, we saw moments of joy and excitement and moments of extreme sorrow. The loss of Kay Peterson was clearly felt across the entire club. We often speak about Escapees being an extended family, and that sentiment was proven true through the outpouring of emotions through letters, e-mails and social media posts, as well as through the celebrations of Kay’s life that many of you organized. The unofficial mantra of Escapees is “caring and sharing” and, when we lost Kay, sharing your sympathy through stories, hugs and handshakes was the sincerest expression of caring. We thank you for all your kind words about Kay and your remembrances of her well-lived life.
A Message From The Board | November/December 2017 1
Shortly after Kay’s passing, we had to come together as an extended family once again. The devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma (only two of the major natural disasters that occurred this year) galvanized the hearts of Escapees everywhere. We’ve made a donation in your name to the Houston Food Bank, and members of our home-office staff volunteered in relief efforts for Hurricane Harvey-impacted Livingston/Houston communities.

In addition to our internal efforts, many of you snapped into action with donations and volunteering, again exemplifying the spirit of caring and sharing. We are a different breed in this club. There is an inspirational selflessness that many of you live year-round. While some RVers may join our family for discounts, most of you stay for the people.

Fortunately, 2017 was not all bad. In fact, the moments of sadness and strife only punctuated an otherwise wonderful year. We were excited to host our 57th Escapade, in Tucson, Arizona. In addition, we hosted nine HOPs and six Convergences. We made a concerted effort to give you more opportunities to connect with your fellow RVers. We made improvements to our parks. We also added many discounts and programs designed to keep you successfully RVing. We even launched Escapees Healthcare Solutions to help traveling families offset the ever-rising costs of medical care. (See article on page 40.) We were also excited to launch RVers Online University (RVOU), bringing the acclaimed education of Escapees RVers’ Boot Camp online.

A Message From The Board | November/December 2017 2

Four Decades of Supporting the RVing Lifestyle
As 2017 ends and we look back on a year peppered with trials and tribulations, we are encouraged for the future. We will continue to improve this club through programs to assist you in this wonderful lifestyle and to provide you with opportunities to connect with your fellow RVers. We’re excited that 2018 will be a special year for Escapees—it is our 40th anniversary. 

As we enter 2018, we invite you to help us celebrate 40 years of RVing together as one big, extended family. Please continue your personal expressions of caring and sharing, and join us at our various gatherings. There’s a good chance you’ll make new, life-long friends.
Now, we are excited to announce our tire discount and plans for an Escapees roadside assistance service!
A Message From The Board | November/December 2017 3
Goodyear Tire Discount
It is impossible to successfully RV without tires. And, you are probably well aware that RVers go through a lot of tires. In fact, you may have found yourself in the predicament of having to replace an entire set, because one tire went bad, merely to maintain the balance of your RV.

The problem is that the cost of frequently replacing a set of RV tires can add up. To help offset those costs and to keep you on the road, Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company now offers a 15% discount to Escapees members. (Currently, this offer only applies to cars and trailers; however, we are working hard to expand this opportunity to motorhome owners.) Goodyear Tire, the most-chosen brand among consumers, brings hassle-free convenience to tire buying. Simply log into escapees.com and go to [enter page.] Through the Escapees website, you can connect to Goodyear Tire to purchase tires and installation and schedule an appointment for installation, in a few easy steps.

And, there are additional ways to save. You can combine the 15% discount with applicable manufacturer rebates offered throughout the year, and increase these rebates when using your Goodyear credit card. Plus, you can enjoy free delivery of your tires to the Goodyear Tire nationwide network of 4,000+ local installers. Goodyear Tire makes it easy and affordable to continue your RV adventures.

A Message From The Board | November/December 2017 4
Escapees Roadside Assistance
As you may continue to observe, Escapees is your extended family—Escapees take care of Escapees. However, there are times when you may have a problem with your RV and your fellow Escapees cannot assist you.

To help in these times, we will soon officially launch a partnership with the best roadside assistance company we could find, Saferide Motor Club, to bring you Escapees Roadside Assistance. Through Escapees Roadside Assistance, you will have access to all the following benefits, 24 hours per day, for only $99 per year (a much more competitive price than we’ve been able to offer in the past):

• Towing to the nearest qualified repair center
• Fuel delivery
• Lockout service
• Tire change
• Battery boost
• Trip interruption
• Tech assistance
• Mobile mechanic
• Concierge service
• Hotel and rental car discounts
• Dealer locator assistance
• Repatriation (only $10 more per year)

You may not like to dwell on times when you have a breakdown and cannot find a friend. But, it will be comforting to know that you can have a safety net for $8.25 per month. Watch for more news soon on this valuable new member benefit.

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