3rd Annual Rethinking Remote Work Conference to Connect RVers with Income Opportunities 1

3rd Annual Rethinking Remote Work Conference to Connect RVers with Income Opportunities

Livingston, Texas- March 2023

Texas-based Escapees RV Club will be holding its annual Rethinking Remote Work Conference beginning April 3. This virtual event is open to the club’s 74,000+ members as well as non-members interested in RVing or remote work.

The four-day online event promises to deliver training, workshops, and panel discussions on all things for working RVers.

Now in its third year, the Rethinking Remote Work Conference draws several thousand attendees who are interested in earning an income while working remotely. The events of 2020 kicked off a renewed interest in remote work, with many employees and entrepreneurs looking to find a healthier work/life balance than they could manage in an office setting. This conference helps attendees explore non-traditional approaches to remote work.

Although the primary goal of the four-day event is to help RVers seeking to earn an income remotely, much of the information that will be shared applies to anyone transitioning to remote work, even if they aren’t planning to travel. Sharee Collier, an organizer of the event and project manager for Escapees RV Club, shares “One of our goals each and every year is to maintain a balance with the information we present to the RVing community! With so many ways to work on the road, we try to cover a full spectrum look at how RVers are funding their travel lifestyle.”

The conference schedule consists of a daily welcome, workshops, hourly video trainings, and daily panel discussions. Some examples of the topics to be covered: How to Transition into Remote Work (Even if You’ve Never Done It Before), How to Have Successful Interviews from Your RV, Renovation Ideas & Tips for Remote Workers, Starting a Business from Something You Love, and Tax Tips for Freelancers & Entrepreneurs.

The list of participating speakers is impressive, with more than two dozen all told. A partial list includes Bryce & Nellie Jurgy, Kimberly Crossland, Joshua Sheehan, Demian Ross, Heather Ryan, Jerome Braga, Camille Attell, Casie & Igor Tomaz, Michelle Dahlin, and many others.

Attendees can choose from three different types of tickets: A FREE option that provides access to most but not all live sessions. A BASIC ticket which includes more sessions as well as a one-week replay. And a VIP option with access to all sessions, plus 60 of last year’s sessions, and one year to watch, rewatch, and take notes on everything!

This event is presented by RVer Job Exchange, an online job board from Escapees RV Club for working RVers. For information about promotional opportunities including marketplace booths and participation in the Job Fair, contact Sharee Collier at sharee@escapees.com.

Founded in 1978, the Escapees RV Club is one of the oldest and largest RV membership organizations globally. The club’s stated mission is to provide a total support network for all RVers, regardless of their travel style, type of RV, or experience level.